Since 2015, Tough Dog Suspension has been collaborating with Tough Gear Trading. The partnership originated when TGT's founder, Gary Turner, began working with John Agostino, the founder of Tough Dog. This friendship dates back some 15 years, highlighting the strong bond between the two companies.
Gary Turner and his partners, including Hennie Fourie, boast extensive military backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections in the armoured vehicles and security sectors. With Hennie's experience in working with companies that construct armoured vehicles, he understands what it takes to produce a reliable product using top-quality and dependable brands.
Tough Dog acknowledges the expertise that TGT contributes to their export markets, especially in the military and armoured vehicle segments. Furthermore, both Gary and Hennie have over 28 years of experience in the 4x4 industry, making them well-versed in international markets.
With a common vision for the future, both companies have capitalized on their collective experience and expertise to establish thriving partnerships on multiple projects. Our excitement for the future is amplified as we anticipate the continued expansion of our international presence, hand in hand with TGT.

- Tough Dog

Our company, similarly as many others out there, is constantly searching for excellent products and services available on the market. TGT seems to suit our applications perfectly, being adopted to the ever changing market requirements, especially of that within our market. This has been conducted in many successfully completed projects. Along with the standard products, delivery which is being handles rather in a very Professional and effective manner. TGT is a very flexible company in providing the bespoke products and tailored solutions to us. As such we have already opened up and completed a few interesting projects where our design inputs were accepted seamlessly, and new, altered products were introduced to our customers at a very reasonable price. Needless to mention our own production cost savings, due to our bespoke alterations. This is all possible due to TGT long term market presence, number of successfully accomplished projects, engineering excellence, streamlined company organizational structure and a very effective business model in place. I can only recommend to inquiry the TGT products and services. I am convinced that such projects will be very fruitful for both parties.

- Military Customer

I write to advise of a business partnership between Tough Gear Trading (TGT) and our business. This supply partnership is an agreement based on working exclusively together to develop our business, and theirs in our market. This is and will be achieved through TGT providing us the support and products to market and sell in our territory. TGT products are multi branded and sourced from different key reputable and global suppliers. The result of this partnership is based on an entrusted mutual desire to grow business into our market. We find TGT offer strong business experience, customer service and market presence. We also believe they offer quality and well-priced products, flexible order quantities, short product lead times and a streamlined organisational structure. We recommend TGT products and their services and believe business can be very fruitful for other businesses as ours is and will be. We look forward to an ongoing and successful partnership between TGT and our business well into the future.

- Toyota