Since our establishment in 2015, TGT have been engaged in manufacturing and exporting various winches and 4x4 off-road accessories.

Our TGT winches have gained a strong reputation as superior world-class products. Accordingly, our winches have been used for a variety of purposes - including incline load pulling, vehicle recovery recreation, commercial and military applications.

TGT has a variety of winches available ready to accommodate your specific needs. Our range of winches starts at 8000lbs and goes up to 20,000lbs. Our current main products include; armoured vehicle winches, electric winches, modification parts for off-road vehicles, and many other outdoor accessories..


pull strength options:

  • 8 000lbs

  • 9 500lbs

  • 10 000lbs

  • 12 000lbs

  • 12 500lbs

  • 15 500lbs

  • 17 000lbs

  • 20 000lbs


  • Waterproof IP68 Rating

  • Series Wound DC Motor

  • UV Resistant Matt Black Coating

  • Multiple Solenoid Mounting Points

  • 3 Stage Planetary Gearset

  • Remote Control

  • Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable

  • Larger Clutch Level

  • Aluminum Fair Lead

  • Sliding Ring Gear Clutch