Engineered for Superiority

The glass is processed with the most advanced materials, to obtain maximum quality, visibility and resistance.

Rigorous Oversight, Unparalleled Protection

The final product is subject to be controlled by different state organisation and ballistic research laboratories, to guarantee the offered protection.

Upgrade Without Compromise

With cutting-edge machinery, we create lighter, stronger armored glass that works flawlessly with your current glass components.



Designed for people who need protection against theft, crimes, assault and kidnappings.

The best option for those who live within the cities, where attacks are carried out with handguns.

Our product is a custom made armouring system that fits precisely to the shapes of your vehicle. During the assembly, the panels assure maximum ballistic protection.

The result is advanced protection with top quality finishes.

Since all the bulletproof panels are designed to fit the shapes of the vehicle, it doesn’t require an expert´s eye to determine if an area has been protected. After the armour panels have been installed a trained technician will reinstall the original upholstery and accessories.


For the upper levels, Top Level Armor uses ballistic sheets of steel to withstand the most demanding attacks with rifle ballistic standards of the European Union in 1063.

Presidential Armor: Armor of special vehicles for heads of State of several countries around the world.

  • Ballistic Protection for high risk people

  • Compounds and ballistic steel tested and certified

  • Conditioning of special accessories

  • The appearance and the original finishes are preserved

  • Digitized armor pieces kits for total adjustment

  • Structure and interior reinforced to maintain integrity in case of ballistic attacks and explosions.

  • Maximum level of protection for vehicles.

Armor Top Level, is designed for people in higher risk with protection needs against long range weapons and considered ammunition of war.

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