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Tough Gear Trading Pty Ltd (TGT) is an Australian based company, with their Head Office in Brisbane. As a family run business, it was pioneered in early 2015, focusing on the 4x4 and 4WD market. The founder, Gary Turner, soon saw potential in the military accessory market, for a one stop Service Provider to armouring companies and end users. This led to the diversification of the original TGT
as a 4x4 accessories company to include a Military Division. It is hereby that Gary began to incorporate the supply of various
military focused products.
This resulted in TGT becoming a one stop Service Provider of choice by various reputable international manufacturers of armoured vehicles. With various in-demand product lines incorporated, TGT then became involved in special projects resulting in a relationship that is driven by a professional approach to requirements, sourcing of solutions and ensuring that the right product is supplied at the required time and at the best value for money.
We pride ourselves in a quality product line. We don’t go for ‘cheap’, but the best value for money, not only to our direct contact/client, but all along to the end user. By choosing TGT as your One Stop Service Provider, you become part of the TGT Family where you share our values and strive to perfection..

military history

In 2015 TGT initiated the supply of armour accessories into the military industry. In general, the products we provide to the military sector are of a high standard and we produce them according to customer specification. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand the mission with its critical requirements – therefore quality, diligence and efficiency is our motto. We have facilitated reputable projects in various countries around the globe and supported manufacturing teams by delivering great deals and quality products. Our goal has always been to supply the best value equipment for the highly demanding tasks to the military and security professionals of this industry. In 2017 TGT decided to diversify its military capability and entered into agreements to manufacture military IPV Vehicles. In 2021 we joined forces with a Military and Security tactical gear manufacturer and obtained distribution rights for the supply and distribution of military standard ration packs as well as ready cooked meals and staples.

exhibitions & shows

Tough Gear Trading participates successfully in many global shows, from Military to Auto after-market shows.

This is done in many cases in conjunction with our supplier partners or global distributors, and we thank them for all the effort and commitment provided to ensure these are successful.

International exhibitions are carefully planned and targeted and are tailored to those market demands.



Tough Gear Trading provide their import and export clients with innovative and cost effective end to end freight solutions, with the use of 21st century information technology.

Tough Gear Trading understands the evolving supply chain needs of your business, our Suppliers and our Customers, particularly with regards to:

  • Preparation of all the required export commercial documentation

  • Obtaining eligible Certificates of Origin from the Australian Government Authorities

  • Warehousing and consolidation of multiple orders from various Australian Suppliers to reduce Freight costs for our customers

  • Air and LCL / FCL sea freight management with their international Carrier partners

  • Tough Gear Trading has a high level of compliance with all the relevant Australian and Overseas Government Regulations

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