Tough Gear Trading has multiple global project roll-outs underway. We regularly reach and develop new markets in different countries within the military, fleet and retail sectors.


  • Careful, methodical planning.

  • Involvement of all stakeholders, staff, customers, and relevant jurisdictional departments.

  • Clear, accurate, and consistent communication with all participants.

  • Use of such tools as cost-tracking programs and project management charts


TGT’s history of providing vehicle protection equipment to armed forces and United Nations, means the brand has acquired a deep technical knowledge and with this knowledge, TGT has been able to expand into different markets.
TGT has the capacity and the know-how to do develop on all types of requirements for many vehicles.

TGT core business is the production of protection equipment for 4x4 vehicles such as:

  • Light Patrol Vehicles

  • Mobile Workshops

  • Ambulances

  • Troop Carriers

  • Command Vehicles

  • Fire Fighter Vehicles

  • Energy Companies

  • Mining and Army Vehicles

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