complete armoured suspension solutions

shock absorbers

Tough Dog Suspension have identified a need in the armoured vehicle industry for a larger bore, heavy duty, armoured vehicle replacement suspension solution.

Tough Dog’s armoured shock absorbers are the largest bore shocks we manufacture - these shocks were originally we re-designed to suit 4WD applications. The increased oil capacity results in a cooler operating shock with increased valving capability for total vehicle control.

The Foam Cell sleeve ensures that the shock performs well in all applications.

IFS Vehicles transmit all of the weight of the vehicle through the lower strut eye bush.

Tough Dog Armoured shocks utilise a multi- layered design with a third metal ring laminated into the rubber for maximum strength and durability.

  • Bore Size: 50mm

  • Rod Size: 20mm

  • Outer Casing: 70mm

Tough Dog leaf springs are a truly progressive rate leaf spring. Each leaf is set slightly higher than the leaf above so there is contact along the whole length of each leaf.
Flat bar steel in SUP9 and SUP9A grade is cut to length, then the centre hole, diamond cut ends, and other fixtures are cold pressed into the steel.
The military wraps and rolled eyes are formed, before the springs are heated to around 1000ºC in a gas forge, and hot cambered to the required specifications.
Quenched in oil to harden the springs, the leaves are then tempered by being reheated in the forge. After tempering, the springs are shot-peened to a high intensity finish and stress relieved to guard against sag in the spring.
Finally, each leaf is individually coated in primer and top coat to ensure that every part of the steel is coated. After assembly, the leaves are dipped in paint to ensure total coverage.

  • SUP9 and SUP9A steel

  • Shot peened to relieve stress

  • Precision mandrel & die-formed

  • Pre-stressed to maintain ride height

  • Powder coated finish

leaf springs

sway bars

Controlling the body roll created by the substantial amount of weight added to the vehicle during the armouring process is imperative to maintaining good road holding characteristics.

Tough Dog offers a range of Heavy Duty Sway Bars that will restore the handling qualities of the vehicle.

  • Solid steel construction

  • Supplied with complete fitting kit

  • Australian-made urethane bushes

  • Powder-coated finish

Made from X5K spring steel, our coils can be designed with less material while maintaining superior ride quality & load carrying characteristics
This means the spring retains its original memory even after heavy loading.
THE RESULT? A lighter, tougher coil designed specifically for armoured vehicle applications.
Manufactured using an exacting, computer controlled system, our armoured coil springs are CAD designed, and the blank steel is bar peeled to remove any surface defects.
The bar-peeled steel is heated to around 1000ºC and then rolled into shape before being quenched in oil, which hardens the springs to 62HRC.
Once hardened, they are tempered at 400ºC, and if required, machine ground to suit the application.
After tempering, the coil is shot peened
giving the coil a high intensity finish to
ensure maximum fatigue life.
Finally, each spring is phosphate coated for
corrosion resistance, and powder coated to
create the finished product

  • X5K spring steel

  • Shot peened to
    relieve stress

  • Scragged and
    load tested

  • Hot formed to
    maintain spring memory

  • Powder-

coil springs

steering dampers

Designed as a cost-effective upgrade for when the OEM gear isn’t getting the job done, Tough Dog’s EXT Steering Damper will give you control and feeling back in your steering set up.
With a 35mm internal bore and our Foam Cell insert to fight against fade in harsh use situations, this damper is the perfect companion for users looking to return their steering to OEM standard after adding the extra weight of armour & run-flat tyres to the vehicle.