outdoor wide area alerting solutions

When Moments Matter… Turn to us to help with your Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Are you prepared? Moments matter when dealing or preparing for devastating disasters. Keeping your citizens safe with the right hazard mitigation plan is as important to us as it is to you. With so many recent catastrophic events, we can design a system that help you keep your community safe and helps your first responders to communicate what is happening.

Recent events indicate the need to provide citizens with timely notifications of pending or immediate disasters. Outdoor alerting systems are one part of a multi-faceted solution used to alert citizens. Events such as fast-moving wildfires occur with little to no notification. Informing your citizens quickly and efficiently is critical to directing people to safe areas. Using an effective outdoor alerting system can save valuable time and effort for municipal, county or state employees.

Parks, large open areas, and remote facilities without cell-phone coverage can leave citizens without an early warning system. Recent wildfires indicate the need to pro-actively warn citizens of pending disasters. Instead of using local police to alert citizens with door-to-door announcements, outdoor warning systems with effective long-range communications can be used.

Our System can offer the following features and benefits:

  • Our systems can be independent of the power grid by utilizing solar and/or wind-based power.

  • Communications can be provided using digital secure radio communications to the alerting devices.

  • Indoor communications to public buildings, schools, and businesses can be easily incorporated into an alerting system.

  • Activations can be performed from mobile devices or with remote desktop applications.

  • A cloud-based control platform can be used to extend the reach and activation of local municipal systems to county or state authorities. Local emergency managers have many tasks to perform, and effective use of local and remote resources can be an efficient method of alerting local communities.

  • Outdoor mechanical sirens can offer a combination of voice and tone based alerts to provide enhanced communications.